Here are a few of Maggie's people. This is what she was doing a couple of years ago. Scroll over these images to see a detail, another view, or another figure. Scroll down to read about how Maggie the storyteller moved from words to a new vision and new versions of her stories.   Doris
romeo and juliet  
  Earth Mother
Blue Meanie  


Maggie Stern is a storyteller. Sometimes she uses words. But for the past few years, she’s been telling her stories through creating sock sculptures. Her first sock figure began with a single sock and two black buttons. The collection has evolved into figures ranging in size from one inch to five feet. She uses every color and object that grabs her aesthetically — old Bakelite buttons and vintage fabrics stored in her attic, as well as safety pins and rubber bands. She is drawn to things she finds on the street-a single glove, a piece of wood, a twisted nail or a rusty screw-what was once lost, finds a home in her figures. Each one appears to her as a vision. Some are members of her family — from her Great Aunt Stella with the jet-black hair and fiery eyes to the grandfather she never met. She represents people not as they really look but as she sees them. Her work is constantly evolving. The use of papier-mache, wire, thread, shade pulls, has changed the nature of her work. Visions appear, only now she sometimes needs materials other than socks and gloves to create what she sees.


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