My name is Maggie Stern. For much of my life I wrote, and published children’s books. Several years ago, that shifted. I began telling stories in different ways.

From a single sock, I began creating sock sculptures. My first figure began with a white sock and two black buttons. Then came the striped and colorful socks, and the hundreds of buttons and buckles for mouths. The collection evolved into figures ranging in size from one inch to five feet. I represent people not as they really look but as I see them. Click here to see some of my sock people. My ideas dictate the form I use. Sometimes I make puppets, or twist wire into figures. I carve driftwood and make birch bark dioramas. It’s in the woods, where I walk with my rescue dog, Luna, that my ideas usually take shape.

Last year, I begin working with vintage hankies—they beckoned me to stitch on them. Using a needle, as one would a pen, I stitched, free form. I began stitching birds and portraits of people. I don’t sketch first, or copy from a photograph. I simply sew what I see in my mind.

I am drawn to color and movement and the magic of birds. Some of my birds bear a resemblance to actual birds. All capture the essence of how I see them—small miracles with whom we are lucky enough to share the planet.Some of my birds and other stitchery are now available embroidered on pillows and totes. Click here to see them.

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