For much of my life I wrote and published children’s books. Several years ago I began to tell stories in different ways. I began making figures from socks and carving figures out of wood. I tried felting and twisting wires into figures. I experimented with papier-mâché and clay. I worked in whatever medium grabbed me.

I never know what I’m going to do. It simply happens. Something catches my attention and I go with it. Most of my ideas come while I’m walking my dog. Out of nowhere an image pops into my head like an unexpected gift. 

My current project is creating mini-masterpieces. I’m stitching my own version of a famous Vermeer or Picasso or Matisse. My stitched work gets replicated and set onto a pin or into a small frame. Everyone can own my tiny improvisation on a work by a famous artist.

I love that my art has its own set of rules—and that I can break those rules whenever I want to or need to. There’s no formula to my work, but like all art it has some inherent logic.

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